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  • Version: 12.1

Portable version of Firefox, optimized for Windows

If you love Firefox but still think it's a bit too slow, try Pale Moon Portable instead!

The aim behind Pale Moon Portable is to build a completely customized version of Firefox that's tailored to make the most of your Windows system. Pale Moon Portable has rebuilt Firefox from source, optimizing the web browser to obtain higher speed rates in page rendering, scripting and menu managing.

Being based on Firefox, Pale Moon Portable features the same stability and reliability as the original browser, as well as support for Firefox extensions and themes. You'll also be able to use most of the program's features and options, though some of them – such as accessibility options and parental controls – have had to be sacrificed in order to use less memory.

Graphically speaking, Pale Moon Portable is identical to Firefox, so you won't notice any difference here. Now, are you really going to notice any significant improvements in speed? That's probably something you will only be able to tell in the long run.

Pale Moon Portable is an interesting Firefox-based browser that promises higher speed and an optimized usage of system resources.

A major update to the browser, implementing a number of visual and under-the-hood changes.


  • A major update to the browser, implementing a number of visual and under-the-hood changes.


  • Same reliability and stability as Firefox
  • Support for Firefox themes and add-ons


  • Some features have been left out

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Pale Moon Portable


Pale Moon Portable 12.1 for PC

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